How to Register for the HSK Test

You can register for the HSK test either online through the Hanban official website or offline at a HSK center.

Register Online



  1. User register
  2. Test register
    1. 1) Choose test center
    2. 2) Fill out personal information
    3. 3) Upload picture
    4. 4) Confirm registration
  3. Payment, onptions include Union Pay, Union Pay Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Wechat Pay.
  4. Print Test Admission Ticket

Steps in Details:

1. User Register

Click “New User” on the official website to register an account.

Fill in the information

2. Test Register

1) Choose test center

Click “Register Now” after creating the account. Select your level and then choose the test center (either paper-based or internet-based).

2) Fill out personal information

You will need to use your phone to receive an auto code to put in.

3) Upload picture

Pay attention to the requirement.

4) Confirm registration

3. Payment

If your chosen test center offers the online payment option (all HSK test centers in China do), you’ll find a “Pay Online” button on the confirmation page (see the red arrow in the last screenshot).

You can pay by Wechat through scanning the QR code with your Wechat in the phone:

or by Union Pay:

4. Print Test Admission Ticket

Your test admission ticket will be issued a few days before your test date (it’s usually ready on the Monday of the testing week).

You may either login to the HSK website and print the card in the “Personal Information Center” or collect it at the test center. If you don’t receive the ticket, contact Hanban, the HSK test organizer immediately.

Hanban Contact Info
Phone: + 86 (10) 59307668/59307634

Register Offline

You will find it convenient to register for the HSK wherever you are in the world. Please just complete the following steps:

1. You may apply for the HSK at a nearby HSK center.

2. You will need two 2-inch bareheaded, full-faced photos (40mm x 30mm) and show a valid identification card with your photo on it, such as your passport, driving license or residence permit.

3. You will need to pay an HSK fee and registration fee, both of which are nonrefundable (your HSK center will tell you how much you need to pay). Should you be unable to take the scheduled HSK because of an event of force majeure, you need to explain to your HSK center before the HSK takes place so that the center will make it possible for you to take the next HSK without paying the HSK fee again, though you will have to pay the registration fee.

4. If there is no HSK center near you, you may register for the HSK by correspondence. You will need to send to the center a copy of your passport, your CV including your Chinese and English names, nationality, sex and postal address, and two photos of you. You will also need to remit the necessary fees to the center by postal money order. After the center processes your application for registration, it will issue you the HSK Permit and the "HSK Examinees' Handbook." The time and venue of the HSK will be specified on the HSK Permit.

Test Price

HSK Level Price in CNY
Level 1150
Level 2250
Level 3350
Level 4450
Level 5550
Level 6650